Born into the mecca of traditional Appalachian folk music, tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, songwriter and guitarist Barrett Davis is a son of American Roots Music. His recent 2022 release “The Ballad of Aesop Finn” is a kaleidoscope of traditional sounds that traverse the musical lineage of the mountains in old-time, early country, folk, and bluegrass. With assistance from the likes of Grammy-Winning Steep Canyon Rangers front man Woody Platt, who harmonizes on the track “Quiver”, as well as traditional instrumentation from members of the celebrated string band Pretty Little Goat, the record punctuates both the cyclical and permeating presence of musical tradition in North Carolina, while expounding on its modern evolution.


Now over a decade into his professional career, Davis first developed a regional reputation as part of folk group The Foxfire from 2011 to 2014, alongside acclaimed Americana artist Clint Roberts and Aaron Aiken who now leads the indie rock group Pink Beds. After taking a personal hiatus, Davis began performing with Pretty Little Goat as a special guest, and contributed songwriting and guitar credits on "Toe The Line" from their acclaimed 2022 album Big Storm. 

"Toe the Line by Barrett Davis is one damn nice song. His raspy voice longs to return to the inspiring beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the meantime, he stands ready. The guitar and banjo combo leads Barrett like gentle and familiar hands as he explores a life away from home, always longing to return. Like so many who leave to seek their fame and fortune, those from the hills know in their hearts they will eventually return to their beginnings. Toe the Line reassures us that no matter what, the Blue Ridge Mountains are here and waiting."- Steve Wong